How to recognise them - DOP Queso Camerano
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  • The appearance of the rind of Camerano Cheese is the first thing you notice, because of the characteristic marking left by the “cilla” or plaited cane mould used to make it and which it will retain until you eat it.
  • Attached to the maker’s label you will find a distinctive seal of the Control Board of the Camerano Cheese Designation of Origin. On this seal of guarantee there is a letter and a series of numbers, the codes which the Control Board to those cheese makers who meet all the necessary health and hygiene standards for ensuring consumers’ welfare.
  • On the maker’s label it must state that it is a cheese made with Riojan goats’ milk and the designation “Queso Camerano”.
  • Camerano Cheese and the milk used to make it can only be produced in those villages covered by the Designation of Origin and within the province of La Rioja.