The new Spanish cheese DOP “Camerano” begins the commercialization of its products - DOP Queso Camerano
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02 December 2009
The new Spanish cheese DOP “Camerano” begins the commercialization of its products

quesocamerano-82-thumbPedro Sanz visited the premises to know about the elaboration process of this cheese coming from Cameros mountain area. With this first label has begun the commercialization of the first cheeses certified and linked in origin with the Spanish region of La Rioja.


Camerano’s cheese obeys some well-defined characteristics, like the production from pasteurized goat’s milk from the farmers located in the protected area, which could be raw milk for the ripened cheeses. It has “cilla” form (crossover wicker, used in the past for the elaboration of the Camerano’s cheese), and they are whole pieces between 200 and 1.200 grams. It was born in the Cameros mountain range, La Rioja.

The Camerano produced in Los Cameros’s premises is cheese with natural rind, elaborated from pasteurized goat’s milk without additives substances in the production process, being used only natural ingredients like milk, rennet, lactic ferments, calcium and salt. According with the French traditional methods, we allow the development of natural moulds around the rind, obtaining the wished bouquet for the cheeses.